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Tribe up... vibe up!!!

It's time to save our babies, save your babies, stand up for their rights, fight for yours and spread that blanket of support and love around our teachers and teaching staff, it's time to unleash the lions and the lionesses, it's time to protect our pride Myself, along with Glen, Gene from Concerned Parents Law Council and others coming on board, will be launching an easy to use interactive method for parents to use to deliver a message with convicted strength and confidence.


Complete the below form to register with the Concerned Parents Law Council and journey towards saving your baby.


To register, please take the time to fill out the information below.

The outline

The creation of an automated and easy to use system for parents to register for a downloadable pack with clear instructions on the documents you have, the way to present them and information on understanding what these documents mean, their effectiveness and the back up 3rd party that will uphold them. These are written specifically in line with Natural Law and will be upheld, enforced and backed up by the Concerned Parents Law Council and their team once the registration and alert comes through that a notice of liability along with the fee schedule has being served.


Aim for eight

Find your tribe, if you have 8 already that's great, if not, the registration process will connect with other parents that sign up from the same school. We want this to be celebrate, we want tribe pics, we want your journey will be a part of history, your children deserve to reflect back and see that light you shone bright for them. Post your planning parties, your team get togethers, share your vibe, spread it wide, infect NEW ZEALAND with this connected consciousness. We will not let the bastards bring us down!!!


Set the date

Get the resources out with your tribe, appoint a speaker to communicate your heart felt internal ache, your doubts, your concerns, followed by what you intend to do, unleash that roar of the lion, that undeniable call and serve those papers with your team one by one, with conviction, love, truth and a direct look into the eyes of those who should be upholding and fighting for your children...the children entrusted into their care and their protection... by you the parent, the guardian, the guide the nurturer of your baby. The protective stance of the lion, standing in your "line drawn in the sand" position...of conviction... email [name] in the position of Board chair for [school] to get a speaking slot, or arrange with [name] appointed principal of [school] directly. If you can not find your tribe, to be in your vibe to protect your pride, we are here to ensure you have that support.


Register with Concerned Parents Law Council

Register with the Concerned Parents Law Council [email] Names and date of those served. Breathe you have just completed an amazing journey, share your strength and your relief with us... let us be where you take a breath and sigh with relief for a while. Take time to acknowledge the magnitude of what you just realised you were capable of doing... enjoy it sit with it, then spread it like wild fire!!! Share your story, share that energy... become an infectious source of hope and love and high vibe energy


Celebrate, share, inspire

Celebrate and spread that utopia the sense of accomplishment and empowerment that you feel rising up... We want your videos, we want to see your victory dance, we want to celebrate your empowerment, we want to celebrate the unity, we want to stand with you collectively... let us laugh, let us cry, let us dance, let us sing... let us RISE UP and celebrate each other... let us fix an others crown...and let the love spill over to the next person, and the next person. 


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