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A New Zealand father’s story

This is a New Zealand father's story. While he wishes to get his story out to the public, he wishes to remain anonymous, so no identifying details are mentioned.

I am a father of a 13-year-old boy and a 15-year-old girl. I am pro-choice when it comes to the COVID Pfizer jab.

I am separated from their mother, and have shared-care of the children with her.

Unfortunately, she is pro-the COVID jab.

I received an email from her several weeks ago advising that she had booked them in for their first COVID vaccination. I was very worried for them, so I sat down with them both and had a good conversation, explaining my concerns and I asked them to think very seriously about it.

I explained to them that it was their choice at the end of the day, and I would support them, whatever their decision was, yet I knew that their mother intended to get them jabbed, no matter what I said.

My children arrived at my home a week later and told me that they had had their “first vaccination.” Within a few days of my son getting the shot, he became very ill. He looked very pale, he had high fevers, he was very lethargic and had a hoarse chest cough that sounded absolutely terrible. His eyes were also rolling. It took a good month of caring for him using vitamin C and vitamin D supplements to see his health slowly return.

The jab did not appear to affect my daughter initially.

Over the school holidays, their mother took them into her care and wasted no time rushing them to get a second jab, even though my son had still not recovered from his first one, which he had a month earlier.

After the second jab, my son's health went downhill again, his complexion went grey and he coughed, but thakfully his health bounced back OK.

Alarmingly, a day after my daughter had her second shot she began bleeding profusely, as in 'menstrual'-type bleeding. She has not been eating well and when she eats too much she says it hurts her stomach.

I am sharing my story to let people know what I have been through with my kids. I don't want you to judge me or judge their mother. I am telling you my story to warn you that this “vaccination” is something to be worried about.

Now I lie awake at night worrying about my children. I get up several times a night to check on them when they are in my care and I have been in tears at night watching my son. It's absolutely heartbreaking to see the divide between parents on this issue of vaccination and the devastating effects this so-called vaccine and the Government are causing.

From a father who is worried.


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