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An expression in progress… add collectively and share your journey along the way. ❤️

I felt I need to write tonight and so I started… my kids are down, my exhausted husband to be is asleep, I’ve looked at my family and felt injustice that the time that should be theirs is spent fighting something political, spiritual, ethical… it’s a journey in itself to find my voice of conviction and for what I feel called to do in and serve my purpose… my fight is not pro anti vax my fight is for unity amongst humanity regardless of their path and choices they make… I bare the assaults on my character, I hear the fear behind the attack.., I wait knowing we will all require consideration, compassion for the actions we took and the divide we participated in… there’s more than just the stage in which we play our part… there’s a line drawn in the sand in which all of us regardless of the labels and sides in which we feel defined by to unite against the laws been made for us by those that should prevail and protect us, to fill them with the empathy and strength to break those chains they signed us up for and to fight alongside us… HUMANITY… their PEOPLE our LANDS our rights to our GOD GIVEN existence during our EARTH BOUND existence.

RESPONSES along the way as I feel the need to express!!! please join in and share yours!!!

Sounds good… I’ve been along the same lines…. I have a website set up with forums (old school rocks) telegram and signal. I feel there’s so many platforms I loose track of where the tribe is at as I get sucked into to Facebook rabbit hole hell. I know within myself I’ve said all i can say to friends and family… there’s a pull above the bullshit and the babysitting however with a sense of “it is time to stand in ones own conviction with the purpose“ is here… I know I can’t save everyone… I know there’s many lost friends and family’s through the divide… I uphold my purpose… it’s being a journey in itself, I don’t know if the people that pushed back in their power of government directive and self preservation l, realise that we admire their faith and conviction and standing for what they believe in and the truth that speaks to them… maybe through fear, the government physiological warfare, joining the band wagon… or fiercely standing their ground because that’s their role in aLo of this …to stand in their conviction as we do ours. Regardless these people fighting their truth on the other side need us to also fight our truth on our side…. Unity is what is needed and learning the art of debate and opinions and conviction, is meet with ones own truth, faith and conviction s and with which we allow to divide us as as friends, family as a nation. We may never understand the battle in others and the call to our inner purpose and service and the call to their inner purpose and service.

This should be a time of unity regardless of the personal choices one makes… fighting to retain a right to choose and the right to an earth bound existence for ALL.

There is a collective consciousness rising… the ones who have being shielding the attacks, the knowledge seekers and the peace keepers, the freedom warriors. Our fight is not against the narrative followers, however our compassion and purpose is for them too… our fight is not between me and you our fight is towards the attack on our human rights.

Read and add. Collective consciousness, love, our truth, our convictions regardless of what they are… your truth is your truth and both sides of the government incite divide deserve their speak their truth…

If we suppress our truth and fail to acknowledge each other’s journey the divide between us will allow the powers that divide us to succeed.

Distraction and segregation fails us all… acknowledgement, compassion to each other’s understanding collectively provides the fight in all of us to express our truth.

Lets turn the “be kind” “team of 5million“ preached to us actually into a team United and one that stands ultimately for the rights of our neighbours and our communities regardless of the choices we make through this narrative of divide.


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