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ANZAC - The Blessing AUS and NZ

Ive being a part of the occupation in Mercer following the Waitangi Hikoi.

We have a community developing,, gardens going in, we held a service on SUnday in an old building that will be cleaned up and utilised for school lessons that will fit in around children walking beside their parents learning the lands history, gardening, animal care, mechanics, community living and contributing.

Healing past wounds, coming together, koreo around the fire, connections and new ways. Our Mercer Camp in NZ has bought all walks and all talks together, a collective that just know, just trust, have faith and are working together, old ways in new ways. Look forward to watching both New Zealand and Australia journey through these times in our collective communities, and coming together again one day, sharing our old ways done in new ways. Community Unity

This song was my guiding, it lifted me and held me in my conviction of allowing this journey to unfold, the consciousness to connect and to trust with faith that the soil to which I stand upon I have the God given right to do so, in love, in unity, in faith.

Look forward to keeping you updated. Our little community is thriving, with new ways, flowing, trusting in faith and with conviction purpose.


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