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Arm yourself with knowledge, unite with your school tribe, claim your rights as parents! UNITE

With the level 4 lockdown in place, in school jabs have gone somewhat quiet as the promotion of "Get Jabbed with your Whanau" is rolled out for 12-15 year olds.

I've yet to obtain from any sources, jab tents or medical practices promoting what information is presented and discussed in order to gain fully informed consent prior to jabbing a provisionally approved medicine into the arms of our nation's children.

I have made various connections over the past 6 months with some amazing and inspiring individuals and groups along with a magnitude of concerned, anxious and worried parents. I know at times it feels as though there was so many letters and options to choose from, which in itself created more anxiousness, as we all scrambled to protect our children, while others were working on legalities and political process to address those higher up sending out these orders. Ive discovered my place and purpose in all this, and that is connecting people, groups with others that can guide and offer expertise. We all have abilities, strengths, qualifications, resources in various areas that collectively work well.

The Concerned Parents Law Counsel have put in place a method for parents to follow and sign up to. Their own website is currently been created, but in the meantime (as with everything over the past year...we are all a work in progress, growing expanding, uniting, connecting with the ever changing goal posts and announced propaganda and fear mongering delivered from "the only source of truth"). This is following the method Glen Crofskey used when addressing the BoT for his children's school.

Click the "make the leap button below to be directed to the Concerned Parents Law Counsel registration form"

This will connect you with the Concerned Parents Law Counsel, register you on a database and give you a record number. (This process is based on natural law). There is an outline on the page regarding the process, once the form is completed you will receive a welcome email with a download link for all the files needed.

It is important you read the information and the documents are used effectively with purpose and intent.

Weekly zoom meetings on a Tuesday and a Thursday give the opportunity to learn about this, and the notices your serve, with updates. We want to celebrate you and your UNITY, your school tribe, your collective vibe.

Access to these meetings is via zoom with this link


With the facebook ban I've faced over the past 4 days and the threat of the NZ School Communities Unite facebook page dangling on its last lifeline, I encourage you to continue to sign up to our members page and form your community and unity, find your tribe and raise the collective VIBE!!!

As a parent myself, in lockdown with 3 children, the stress and balance of juggling, family life and homeschooling with answering queries and questions, and hearing the anxiety, the concerns, the messages of hopelessness and worry from parents has become overwhelming. I carry and hold the utmost empathy, and compassion for ALL off you, all the parents, all the teachers, all the children, all the aunts and uncles, all the concerned grandparents... I hold it all. I encourage you to start moving into your power as EMPOWERED GUARDIANS AND A PROTECTIVE FORCE FOR YOUR BABIES.

  • Join Concerned Parents Law Counsel

  • Discuss what informed consent looks like with your child

  • Complete school exemption forms if you need to

  • Create a supportive tribe, bring your children into that tribe, make safety plans, escape plans, safe homes or areas

  • Empower your children to unite and defend each others rights and show them collective power and what conviction looks like


Daily updates via blogs will be my means of communication...I will put calls out for people to form discussion groups and planning groups, legal groups, response groups, support groups.

I appreciate all the kinds words, encouragement to keep momentum flowing... please keep in mind the systems and parent collective has formed, lean on each other for support and information and engagement with Board of Trustees... I need to put my energy into moving this liability from BoT back up the chain where it belongs...I can not do it without all of you doing your part the best way you see fit.

With appreciation, compassion, empathy, strength and unity

Aimee Bearda