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Call to Action: Concerned Parents Law Counsel

This is a New Zealand wide call to action from the Concerned Parents Law Counsel - a message for those parents and grandparents and guardians who see evil being perpetrated and know it is their duty to do something about it.

It is time to stand up and take your power back. You are the one you have been waiting for. There are no saviours. Nobody is coming to save you or yours.

But here is the good news – you stand up and others will follow. Know that your actions will be magnified many times by many others. That’s how it works. We are connected and this is a people’s movement. Ordinary people like me and you claiming our true authority.

The time for action is now – we have two weeks of school holidays to prepare to serve notices of liability to principals and board members in powerful groups of 8 in their offices. You can find us on Telegram -

To get notices of liability and documents email us at

STEP 1 – Find allies.

There’s most likely other parents at your school who do not want their children to take an experimental shot for the globalists. Put out the call. Ask around. Ring and talk to people. A brave father called Blair served a notice of liability to the board of trustees at New Plymouth Girls High School last Monday and 100 people turned up in support. 100. When has 100 people EVER turned up for a board of trustees meeting in NZ? Use the voices for Freedom network to find others - voices for freedom dot co dot nz – join up and talk to the coordinator of your local group. You will find others. If not go it alone. Got your team ready then meet up.

STEP 2 – Sort your documents.

Each to have - One Public Service Questionnaire. Two Notice of Liability. Three Schedule of charges. Four Claim of truth or witness statement. These are written using natural law and are not to be changed. And some documents – copy of my speech to the board of trustees and an information document I tabled for them to inform them. Take these and make them your own. Add whatever you feel is a trespass against your property – masks mandates, the impossibility of “informed consent” by children, the fact that heart inflammation is recognised in the US and EU as a Pfizer shot side effect.

I have included two excellent letters from the New Zealand Doctors Speaking Out with Science. These documents inform the principal and board of trustees members about the COVID lie and after receiving them they cannot claim they do not know.

STEP 3 – Serve the Notices of liability

Make an appointment to see your principal in their office at school or AND your board of trustee chair in their work office or anyone of the board members – in their office or their home. If they do not give you an appointment just turn up. With seven other guardians. Have one of you film the process. Let the man or woman in front of you know in no uncertain terms that you DO NOT CONSENT to any interviewing, pressure, segregation, removal, testing or injections associated with COVID-19 for yourself or the children under your care in any way shape or form.

Get them to sign the public service questionnaire. They are legally required to fill this in for you. Please point them to the 1993 Privacy Act to inform them of their duty. It is also affirmed in the New Zealand Bill of Rights Act 1990. Make sure you keep the original filled in and signed document. Table them your information documents and say you REQUIRE them to read them.

Then serve them a notice of liability and point to the attached schedule of charges.

Then the next person does the same. And the next person. And the next person. And so on and so forth.

STEP 4 – Record and inspire

Fill out the claim of truth form and have at least two other witnesses sign it. Return it to the Concerned Parents Law Counsel and we will record this event. Send us your video of your process so we can publicise what you have done to empower other parents to do the same. Your courage in standing up for yourself and your kids will ripple outwards.

And that’s it.