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Celebrating a community hero - Glen Crofskey

It is time to celebrate the parents.., making a stand.., unitied.., a voice… effective engagement with the Bot.., use the guides, learn the system to use the system to FIGHT the system. Glen you are a legend… we celebrate you!!! 🎉

“Howdy NZ School Community Unite Crew – a friend filmed my presentation last night to the board of trustees of my girls school – Mahurangi College in Warkworth – it went really well…

Also because 30 people were there in support – most of whom I didn’t know and had never met before – magic!

I gave the board two questions to answer within 72 hours, claimed my true authority over my children and served them each a lawful notice of liability with an attached schedule of charges.

I will attach my speech notes and the 13 page document I tabled to them – feel free to share or modify and use yourselves – as for the lawful notice of liability I can forward that on to whoever is keen to serve them to their boards (or whoever – nurse, doctor…) if anyone wants and advice or help don’t hesitate to contact me – power to the people”

Links to documents, transcript, liability notice.

These are the docs and transcripts from Glen Crofskey. I have renamed them in the CCNZ tools menu to make them easier to identify.

The link to my post on the CCNZ site is

This will give you the blurb about Glen's documents, and you are welcome to share/copy/use it however or where ever you like.

Transcript for video

5 minute presentation

All other notices as discussed in the link above are available to download here


As most people are aware, vaccinating our kids in schools is due to begin. Last week, a brave parent called Glen Crofskey served his school board with legal notice, making them liable for any damage to his children should they vaccinate his children without his consent. His speech transcript is found at number 7 under the Tools Menu. It shows you what he said at the Board meeting.

No. 9 under the Tools menu is his Notice of Liablity which was served on the Board members. This can be downloaded. The names can be changed to allow it to be reused for anyone else that has need of it.

The Concerned Parents Law Council Vaccine Grievance Overview is at No. 8. This gives an outline of the process the School Board would be subject to should they vaccinate against a parent's wishes.

No. 10 is the Concerned Parents Law Council fee schedule that would apply should an offence be committed.

No. 11 is the Public Servant Liability form which parents can make a condition of anyone administering or organising the child's vaccination. This holds that person personally responsible for any damage that may ensue. (And is likely to make them think twice about proceeding).

Please pass this on to other concerned parents. The more parents that hold their schools to account and make the Board members and Principals personally liable for vaccine damage to their kids, the less likely we are to see children jabbed against their parent's wishes.

Link to the above mentioned letters.