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Cry of the mother

With all the jabbing of our nations children…with an “assumption” that the vax uptake won’t meet our PM‘s targets… the excuse to roll out to our 5-11 year olds will “likely“ be on the cards… because of us “selfish non compliers”.

Well NZ government, I see you, I see your narrative, the common sense didn’t quite get bred out of me, I am a daughter, a grand daughter, a great grand daughter from a line that was instrumental in the development of trade unions, who printed “misinformation” from the back of a mobile van cruising up and down K’Rd…. from a line that travelled from England, stood up for the watersiders, were locked out for 151 days, from a lineage that stood and fought alongside Ngāti Whātua. From a lineage that stands for community, unity, rights and freedoms.

I will keep walking this path I’ve found myself on… I’ll keep rolling for unity, for healing divide, for community unity against a tyrannical system that is destroying our nation.

I say ENOUGH… I will fight for the future of my children and our nations children to know a life free from suppression, coercion, heavy handed tactics, incited divide, incited nark on thy neighbour… I’ll fight for their freedom to lay their feet bare on the land to which they were born into. I’ll fight for their GOD given right to existence on this land they call home!!!

Connect with your tribe, raise the vibe, heal divide.


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