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DARK 2 LIGHT - ISSUE 2 - 24 August 2022

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It has been just over 2 months since we hit the road with our Dark2Light Hikoi Aotearoa 2022 and just over a month since we arrived home, completing one of the most humbling, revealing, painful, rewarding, and inspiring tours to date.

Three weeks ago, we sent out our first newsletter and I apologise for the delay in getting this one to you. Since then, a few things have changed regarding our Hikoi crew and where we are all positioned around the country and in our unified fight for the protection of our Tamariki. We all returned to our homes within our respected regions to help prepare our families and our communities for what this tyrannical corporation known as the NEW ZEALAND Government has planned for our country.

With the minor changes regarding our crew's living situations, we have had to divide and conquer our workload, and this has caused us major delays in the launch of our website as well as continued regular updates on the threats that face not only our children but also our mothers and fathers.

Please... do not give up on us and know that we are determined and doing everything we can to achieve the goals we promised. It is our duty to bring the testimonies from some of the bravest people we know, as we honestly believe that it is their courage and truth that will help other survivors and victims of crimes against children to come forward and know that they are not alone.

We The People...hear, care, believe, voice, stand and support you all. Our journey as Kaitiaki of our tamariki has only just begun and there is so much work to be done.

In our next issue we will be making a couple of important announcements regarding where we go from here. Until then whanau, we just ask that you bear with us as we work through our issues regarding our website.

From all our Dark2Light Hikoi Crew we would like to express our humblest of gratitude to everyone who helped us along the way, none of us could have done it without the support of YOU The People, Our Whanau, so to you all THANK YOU so much for helping us .... SaveOurChildren.





Facebook: Noya Worth

Her name is JAYDE not JADE, is first becoming a household conversation all thanks to a courageous mother who has put her faith into the people of Aotearoa to fight alongside her as she steps up to challenge this countries corrupt Child and Family State Care System. We will be walking beside this inspiring mother while we help rally a nation to bring her Tamariki home.


In the next issue we take a step back in time to pay tribute to our very first presentation which we had the honour of gifting to the place that first sees the sun, Te Tai Rawhiti.

We want to give those who couldn’t make any of our presentations a behind the scenes and front row seat view of the Dark2Light Hikoi as we experienced it.

Preview our recap here, with more to come!!! -

HELP keep us in the FIGHT for LIGHT

Facebook: Saveourchildren Hikoi •Telegram: Dark2Light Hikoi • Email:


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