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Dark2Light Hikoi - Arrowtown


We were blessed with a beautiful welcome to your home town, the weather was incredible as we arrived, but rather chilly!

We had a lovely turn out for tonight's Korero in Arrowtown, we had a beautiful wahine who felt a calling to share her story with Oranaga Tamariki.

We are doing this mahi to help bring the darkness to light, to stop the crimes against our tamariki, to expose what is hidden in plain sight.

To all those who have shared their stories with us, we see you, hear you, and are here for you.

Community is so incredibly important, it's time we all stood together and put a STOP to the injustices, it's time to STOP sweeping it under the carpet...

Let's see this, talk about this, and carve a path way of change for our future generations.

Let's keep bringing the Dark2Light Whaanau!

No more hiding.


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