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Dark2Light Hikoi - Auckland/Manurewa

Auckland - Tamaki Makaurau

Over two evenings, we had two awesome presentations here in Auckland, firstly i would like to acknowledge our beautiful sister Leanne who co ordinated both events as well as Nora and Kelly who helped with the kai for the evening at Manurewa.

Sending blessings out to Bev and Mark for your toutoko and opening the doors to this whare for us to come together to share this sacred Kaupapa.

We had some great feedback at our Manurewa presentation which allowed us to all to look at situations and circumstances from a more analytical perspective.

We have been blessed to have shared with you all our mahi, to provide tangeable evidence as to why the need to save our children is the real pandemic and why it is so incredibly important.

We will not let this CORRUPT SYSTEM take one more of our precious tamariki, they're destroying families, and the lives of our most vulnerable and its time for the veil to be lifted and the truth to be heard so together in unity, we can and will put and end to it, once and for all.


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