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Dark2Light Hikoi - Blenheim


Thank you for having us in your home town, for opening your arms, eyes, mind and heart to this korero, to understand what our tamariki are being subjected to, to fuel that fire within to ignite, to unite for our future generations.

Te Wai Pounamu, its been incredibly powerful 2 weeks, to all our wairua whaanau, all our freedom fighters, all those who see the truth for what it is, those who came along to share time and space with us, we cannot thank you enough for standing up, sharing, with us, with them, for them..

On our way to Blenheim, however, a quick stop to join other Freedom Fighting Groups, Carlene addressed a crowd in Christchurch streets.

The mahi is only just getting started whaanu, see you in divine timing ❤️




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