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Dark2Light Hikoi - Christchurch

Christchurch - Ōtautahi

WOW Whaanau,

The power of the good word will always WIN!

We had our first venue cancelled by the infamous #cancelcancelculture, but in faith with venue #2 at the Mc Farlane Centre Baptist Chruch in St Albans was what we thought would be our back up location.

Upon arriving at 6pm, we were told that this venue had also been cancelled due to a phone call from 'someone up north' and that there was nothing they could do.

As our whanau began to arrive, we played and sung waiata.

Within 10 minutes, Plan C, venue #3 was presented to us, we were offered a space in the home of our brothers and sisters whom know and innerstand the true and honourable light of our divine creator.

As a whanau of around 80, we drove in convoy to our 3rd venue, this whare was exactly where we were meant to end up tonight.

We had some POWERFUL speakers, sharing their experiences of Satanic Ritual Abuse, on going court cases regarding abuse in state care and an eye opening korero regarding one brave ladies experience and awakening to her experience with MKUltra (Mind Control).

Of all the presentations and testimonies we have had during our Dark2Light Hikoi, tonight was ABOVE and BEYOND POWERFUL!

Thank you to every awakening soul for showing up and being apart of this massive movement to save our children and open the eyes, hearts and souls of those yet to awaken.

Nga Mihi



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