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Dark2Light Hikoi - Dannevirke

Dannevirke - Tararua

Tonights presentation was held on the BIG SCREEN at the Regent in Dannevirke.

Thank you to the brother Graham for having us, for sharing your passion for film and having our presentation screening in this awesome venue.

This evening we had testimony from a mother whom has been dealing with Cyfs (Oranga Tamariki), and their unjust care system.

She shared with us how her 3 year old daughter was taken from her care by 5 police officers with her 5 older siblings as witnesses. She spoke of the maemae they carry knowing that this little girl has been placed in the care, custody and hands on an abuser.

This state care system has intruded on this family for several generations.

Not one more child!

Enough is Enough.

We also had another emotional, but powerful testimonial shared, and a letter read out from another survivor who couldn't be present for the korero but asked us to share on their behalf.

Thank you for being brave, for being the voice of the child, the inner child, to acknowledge and bring to the forefront what is most important, the healing journey.

So much aroha for everyone who came along tonight, to those who wanted to leave and ended up staying right through, we appreciate each and every soul for holding space.

Nga Mihi