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Dark2Light Hikoi - Invercargill

WOW! A coming together of community when our team were confronted with the #cancelculture that our freedom whanau from Counterspin had recently journeyed through. Last minute venue change and a fully booked out venue at The Hearing Association Venue, was much appreciated after the Otatara Community Hall cancelled at the last minute.

We are so blessed and thankful for each and every story shared, awhi exchanged and for every soul that has graced us with their presence along this journey.

What an honour and privilege it is to be walking this path of TRUTH, LOVE and LIGHT.

To our INVERCARGILL Whanau, last night was so incredibly amazing, the energy exchanges this evening were above and beyond empowering on all levels.

Together we can create a better future, inclusive of all, forever and always ❤️

Shout out to the lovely freedom fighting ladies we saw out there in the rain, it's time we all stood up for all injustices in society together, we will rise 🙏

Be the change you want to see ❤️

Much Aroha xx


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