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Dark2Light Hikoi - New Plymouth

New Plymouth

Universal ENERGIES are flowing, as the love vibration radiates from each and every LIGHTBEING that hears the call...

A call to action.

We are here to take back our power!

And tonights korero absolutely reflected this!

The open dialouge regarding issues discussed throughout the presentation tonight was AMAZING.

Highlighting the importance of being able to bring forth these conversations to come to an innerstand of what is really going on and what we need to do moving forward TOGETHER, in UNITY.

To our beautiful sisters who are already putting into place a safety net for their community for when the dark comes to light, you are doing GODs work and we toutoko you 100% with this mahi.

We will not STOP until our tamariki are SAFE, and free from the hands this corrupt and illegal corporation!

We made some powerful connections tonight whaanau and we are all so blessed to have shared time and space with you each and everyone of you tonight.

When we live in PURPOSE, on PURPOSE, we thrive, not just survive!

Mauri Ora


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