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Dark2Light Hikoi - Rotorua

Rotorua -

We've been so blessed to share with you all our journey in discovering the deep dark underbelly of the crimes happening every hour of everyday regarding our Tamariki.

Thank you to the brother for opening the door to your beautiful art gallery for us to gather tonight to bring to light these issues.

We appreciate all of you who showed up for our tamariki. Though we share the issues going on, we also offer a glimpse of what we believe is a solution to what we can do now armed with this knowledge and empowerment.

To carve the path for our tamariki to grow up in a world where they are nurtured, supported and LOVED for the beings they are and are here to be.

We are going through a transitional time of revelation....

Its a time to unlearn and relearn to innerstand the truth,

To break free of the bound to the world we know in the third dimension..

Together as we transition through consciousness we see the lifting the veil that has had us in darkness and suppression for generations..

As we witness the universal energies bringing fourth the uprising..

The coming together of the light held within each and everyone of us, to shine through the darkness.

We have already won!


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