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Dark2Light Hikoi - Whanganui


Thank you for a beautiful evening, for coming along to hear our korero of what motivates us on this sacred kaupapa.

Thank you to our lovely whaanau who opened the doors to their whare and hearts to bring us to be in this beautiful space to share with you all tonight.

It is so important for us to raise awareness with issues in our communities that continually get swept under the rug.... the horrendous crimes happening to and with our precious tamariki.

Crimes including sex trafficking, abuse within state care, organ and fetal tissue harvesting.

Our beautiful Sister Aimee sharing what the Ministry of Education and Ministry of Health are beginning to implement through the curriculum and into our school systems.

Below is a link to the relationships and education guide Years 1 to 8 and 9 to 13.

We need to stand together, creating networks, and safety nets for safety and protection for our tamariki and for us all.

Without our Tamariki there is no future Without our Tamariki we lose our Culture Without our Tamariki we lose our History

This is spiritual and physiological warfare, you cannot fight fire with fire, the only way we will win is through the heart, with aroha

In UNITY we will RISE!

Nga Mihi,



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