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Hello USA

It’s so lovely to have so many Americans coming into the group. I will set you up a discussion forum to connect. I hope we can collaborate and share info… I’ve being following Canada and UK school procedures as we also, along with Australia have all had Gallik Competency used in the court of law. ❤️ Please reach out and share with us what you are going through. Nation to Nation we all stand!!! Im not sure of the law around Gallik Competency in the USA… but would love to share our stories

Here is a hub in the Forum just for you... but please engage and share in the other chats too. Welcome.

Link to USA hub

Join us on telegram chat

Also I am in the process of putting together student pacis to distribute to every NZ 18 and under. Cards will be pre printed with numbers that a record can then be added to a national database if the card is used. Happy to work with any of you wishing to establish similar and protect our children from Gallik Competency testing

Sample Files work in progress


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