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Informed consent quiz, with direct email to principals

Updated: Sep 21, 2021

Written by Daniel Suter

Hey everyone, I've been working with Aimee Bearda, Sue Grey, Matt Sheldon and others to bring the solution to "Saving our Children".

We know the problem only to well, Greg came up with a wonderful solution of presenting the board with documents reminding the school of their responsibility and duty of care.

This is similar but with a more technological focus.

If you can email the school, (preview the email first), you'll go on the map as a green dot. We need 2556 schools to be emailed to cover all schools in NZ, there are at least 50K freedom fighters in NZ so we have this. The plan is to hit this in mass if we can. So do it today, and actually make a difference.

Remember in the last war people literally travelled across the world and ran into a hail of bullets so we could have the freedoms we have today, If your feeling afraid to email the principle try to remember that. Freedom is overcoming fear.

map preview below


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