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Kidday, to our brothers and sisters

Updated: Oct 1, 2021

our site is getting alot of new members from Australia too. Welcome, I will set up an Aussie hub as well in our forums. Let’s work together, share resources.

My heart and love extends to those in Melbourne right now… we are seeing your stand and fight, we are seeing the control and force present.

Abd to the rest of Australia, many of us have friends and family baring their feet on your god given soil… United we all shall stand!!!

Join us on telegram chat

Also I am in the process of putting together student pacis to distribute to every NZ 18 and under. Cards will be pre printed with numbers that a record can then be added to a national database if the card is used. Happy to work with any of you wishing to establish similar and protect our children from Gallik Competency testing

Sample Files work in progress


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