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Letter sent to Iona - Secretary of Education

Updated: Aug 15, 2022

Good afternoon Iona,

By now I’m sure you are aware that I have giving presentations discussing and asking questions related to infectious disease control, notifiable disease, Operating under the Emergency Response Act, potential for Civil Defence management plan to used if an outbreak warrants a declared civil defence response (I think thats when your extra powers kick in from memory of past correspondence)

On behalf of many concerned parents, including those currently being harassed with children out of school (by way of punishment and prosecution, not empathy, understanding or wanting to address the contributing factors to distrust between parents and schools ability to retain duty of care), Im putting forward my post regarding the accusations of mis-information, dis-information and lack of response from Principals and Boards to clarify.

So I enclose my blog here, so you can potentially begin to inner stand my constant reaching out to discuss, engage, be heard, and debate my accusations or opinions with solid hard response from the Ministry of Education and from Chris Hipkins himself…although I gather he is rather busy with his 3 important if not somewhat conflicting MP positions.

You are about to have a fresh batch of Board members with little to no governance training during the next pandemic response as per Jacindas statement.

Would it not be wise to actually clarify these concerns instead of spouting out mis information, social media opinions, because of a belief they are detrimental to Health? What about your liability as the secretary of Education and Mr Hipkins liability to effectively providing adequate knowledge and understanding of the use of Emergency Response Acts / Regulations the ability for a government to make changes to law, legislation, acts without any consideration for any democratic process or without assessing any other “expert” opinion?

Here is a link to my response as I am on another 29 Facebook ban, similar to the time NZ School Communities Unite was taken down with 18k members including, parents, board members, principals, teachers all engaged in common understanding and sharing dialogue with common sense, adult debate, collaborated reading of law and legislation and the education and training act in order to understand role and responsibility?

Unfortunately that broke that line off effective and productive conversation and problem solving and those teachers, along with board members, principals, children became known as the “river of filth” including those teachers with GP referred application for medical exemption….ALL DENIED, and now jobless and part of the unemployment and homeless of our nation.

It has NEVER being my intent to incite, it has been my intent to ensure parents voted on as board members act within their code of conduct but are also able to provide governance to the school in its best interest. Now we have teacher shortages, another injection for funding for the teachers getting repeadily sick, overseas teachers coming in, under utilised teachers and not to mention nurses sitting jobless and struggling to meet housing costs ALL because Boards had no understanding of the political use of the Emergency Response Act.

My Great Grandfather was instrumental in the 51 waterfront workers lockout. That period also used Emergency Response Regulations that saw it made ILLEGAL to give a loaf of bread to a starving child if they belonged to a lock out port worker. HOW is that about health and wellbeing? How is that right when they were striking for fairness, working hours, health and safety?

It was also illegal to print and distribute any material discussing the lock out, MSM was restricted from publishing views of the workers and their wives who were trying to maintain humanity in their towns by distributing rationed food and chopping locks of doors of families thrown out on the street due to unpaid rent from being locked out of working?

As always I look forward to your response, which I'm assuming will point to the fact you take your direction from the Ministry of Health who takes orders from ????

Please answer these main questions:

  1. What does "Take the Led" mean in the Ministry of Educations statements, and online resources mean. Does this mean Boards are bound by their Code of Conduct as Crown Entities to allow ANY Ministry of Health LED, to accept ALL information and planning that is distributed from a government led "One Source of Truth)

  2. Establish when a 72 hour administrative directive can be used on students, on school grounds and from what age can compplience notices be served and responded to WITHOUT parent consent.

  3. Do teachers and Principals remaining on site during a Ministry of Health directed lockdown / reverse evacuation or evacuation have any ability to interfere, prevent, or uphold any previous parent request or instruction to ensure the children are not forcibly receiving medical procedures under a Ministry of Health, DHB led response to an infectious disease outbreak suspected to be in schools.

  4. Who is responsible for a non-compliant student refusing testing procedures, or treatment procedures while on school grounds, under a DHB led control of an infectious disease outbreak if parents are refused access to their child, and schools are enable to uphold Duty of Care or provide them with that access

How can I present all of this on the 16 August to Education Minister Chris Hipkins and Associate education Minister Jan Tinetti? Is it possible to be invited to such a discussion in order to address this “mis information, fear mongering and dis-information” and the questions of a collective of parents?

Also how can be part of the group Korero to re-engage children in education, because I have a collection of parents responses as to why they are currently dis-engaged and where the distrust stems from and how it can be rectified.

Parent consultation, in my opinion with a view to a collaborated approach between parents and schools to ensure that any Ministry of Health directive that potentially sees the school in a lockdown procedure has a policy in place that ensures PARENTS are notified that a MoH led medical response lockdown is in effect and parents are assured that DUTY OF CARE is returned to them prior to any potential for that to be removed?

Parents need security and belief that teachers, boards and the Ministry of Education is behind them and will maintain and uphold a parents right to make medical decisions and life decisions in the family home, not by enforcement powers of Medical Officers of Health on school grounds.

Aimee Bearda 021 268 6682


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