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No vaccine mandates for teachers


I need your help with this ACTION PLAN!

1. Please share this petition as many times as you can again today (Sunday) to get the number up over 20,000

2. After 6pm tonight (Sunday) I plan to email all the members of parliament a copy of this petition, with a brief letter, kindly requesting freedom to choose.

3. BUT My sole email won’t make an impact / so please if as many of you as humanly possible (after 6pm Sunday) could also email this petition to all the members of parliament also (plus the unions and ecc council) the IMPACT WILL BE HUGE! (Ensure you attach the link to this petition) Email addresses attached below. 4. HOLD THE LINE! PLEASE DO NOT CAPITULATE! If they mandate the V and thousands all over the sector walk, I am certain it will MAKE them HAVE TO relook at the laws and change them! We have a national shortage of teachers, this makes us extremely valuable!

5. KEEP PRAYING FOR A MIRACLE! Cabinet is meeting to discuss this Monday, hoping they receive hundreds of emails BEFORE it commences. Love you all, and thank you for caring enough to sign!

Love Sarah Grace

“All Teachers and those working in the education system (and beyond) should retain the right to choose what goes in their body's without having their careers and livelihoods threatened”