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Parents with adult children in Australia

I’m such a ball of emotions right now.

My 24 year old daughter and her partner received this from their boss, they both work in Electrical Engineering and in order to carry out work on sites it’s a requirement that they are jabbed with this experimental product.

Like many in their age group early 20’s to early 30’s they are first home owners with mortgages to pay. Many of their friends have had theirs in order to keep working to pay bills.

Understanding that our adult children are now facing decisions that will impact their entire life… guiding them through their rights and putting into action and serving of liability notices, while upholding the right to work and to medical freedom feels daunting.

Ive jumped into mumma bear mode and am angry at the whole situation and how our governments worldwide are trying to take our babies away from us and enforce medical experiments onto them.

Im connecting with groups in Sydney that can guide, help and support them. This angers me so much, that I can’t be there and fight for her, but am reminded that in my 20’s, it was a time spent coming into my own, discovering the world and people, connecting with others that felt like my tribe, that raised that vibe. I have faith in what I’ve installed in her, we have had numerous conversations about the experimental medicine, political agenda, about potential effects on future fertility.

If you have older children in Australia, how are you coping, guiding, processing? I’d love to connect, and start a forum support group for ourselves with resources and contacts that could assist our adult children across the ditch.


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