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Respect to Sandra Goudie

Id like to personally praise the stance and conviction in which Mayor Sandra Goudie has displayed. You have my support in your stance and I thank you for being a voice of reason and standing by your decision, and the right to choose.

Thames-Coromandel District Mayor Sandra Goudie says she won't get the Pfizer vaccine

Asked about having an obligation, as a public official, to encourage people to get vaccinated, she said people should be able to "have the freedom of choice for themselves".
"There comes a time when everybody is confronted with these sorts of decisions ... if they are in strong positions of leadership. But whose to say that people in positions in leadership can't also have the right to express their personal choice and freedom.
"Should I be denied that right?"
When told she was being criticised for not explaining her reasons around her decisions, she said she had "that's my personal choice as well. I have the right to make these choices and decisions.. I'm making these decisions for myself and my decisions should be respected. They're mine."
Asked about trusting scientists, she said she wouldn't "make any comment about that whatsoever".
Asked about whether she respected the scientific advice in New Zealand, she said: "I haven't contemplated a view on it.

Read the full article here. Stand proud Sandra, there’s more support around than you could imagine.

Link to NZ Herald


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