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School Jabs Begin

How can a 16 year old make an informed decision when they are not provided the actual truth.

I suggest you and your child read the actual Medsafe information… that would be the “science and medicine” we are told to trust and follow.

“Medsafe considers that the safety specification for this product is currently inadequate and does not accurately reflect the important known risks, important potential risks or missing information.”

Right now every single one of you that has taken the jab are doing so under the directive of Jacinda and Bloomfield.

You have mocked and critised those who have tried to reach out to you, those of us that connect and see the storyline, that ask questions that use constructive dialogue to discuss the narrative, to discuss the current msm driven topic, that watch the bills going through parliament, that connect with lawyers, doctors, government departments, thinkers, questioners, that console each other when we talk about friends and family who got the jab… we cry and worry, even though we are met with defensive answers, mocking comments, and called tin foil hatters, conspiracy theorists. We are the ones rallying around the education facility’s promoting and demonstrating unity to protect the rights of our teachers, our principals our BoT our education system. We are not calling you names and creating the divide, we are not calling you selfish for not doing your part… we forgive the parroted responses and the mocking tones, we now refrain from burdening you with our truth, we refrain from bringing it up to discuss with you…we don’t get to talk to you about the freedoms that we are being stripped of, but we do respectfully asked that you take steps towards healing the divide.

What if next time it’s your freedom and right to choose taken away?

Our teachers will be assessed under the health and safety act that school boards are legally required to have their governance policies in line with… BoT are the parents voice, we advocate for you the parent, and your child, we are having that voice removed, we were never stopping anyone from choosing to jab their child, we were just asking that you do so in consultation with your GP, in a medical facility, keeping the school safe from any future legal action and liabilities when your children potentially suffer from adverse reactions, death or long term problems.

These school holidays the ads will shift focus and be targeted at your children… why? Discussions in school around informed consent have been happening… why? Could it be possible that term I’ve used so many times will role out like it has overseas… GALLICK COMPETENCY - that term means your rights as a parent are disregarded, your child is assessed and deemed capable of making their own choice.

Whanganui District Health Board spokesperson Bruce Jones told First Up students over 16 were able to consent for themselves and they had provided education on informed consent.

Does the below statement give you confidence? Considering the 100+ children at an Australian School were “accidentally” jabbed.

"If whānau did not want their students to be vaccinated at school, we've got a bit of a process where we can have a list of students that aren't to be vaccinated at school and we'll just make sure we honour their wishes that way.”


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