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Sovereign Hikoi of Truth

Hailings to every man and woman, (free beings of the land) whom wish to come home.

We are putting a call out to all "vessels"/"ships"/"waka" at sea, to return home on to the land.

The candle is lit in the window of the Marae, Te Tii o Waitangi. This is a beacon of direction for the first house we are needing to attend to.

We are coming home to clean our house, our whare, ourselves. We will stand with our mana, honor, dignity, integrity as the flag pole to raise up the He Wakaputanga.

With this legal document of 1835 in our hands, we shall move together to up hold the contract that was laid down nearly 185 years ago. We will then look at how we will arrange our new home so we, (all inhabitants, from all walks of life) can live together harmoniously in the areas of our home in which we wish to reside. When we are able to organise ourselves and hear each other well enough, we will work together to create a beautiful home for all.

"We, the direct descendants of Te Rangatira o nga hapu o Nu Tireni have come together to uphold the mana and tapu of He Wakaputanga, as we can no longer rely on our leaders to uphold that which is sacred to us. We are here together to restore order."

- Carlene Hereora, Rangatahi o Ngapuhi (one of the new generation of Ngapuhi). Hear her speak here and join the Facebook Group

Over the past couple of months, a wide collective of people have chosen to work together in formulating a plan to ensure our freedoms to live on the land. There is no doubt that this collective and many others throughout (what is commonly known as) Aotearoa/New Zealand are coming together to safe guard what we treasure and our basic needs.

If you are an individual who feels any trespasses have been laid upon them through the current governance, then please, hear this call to come together in peace, love and unity.

The usual colonizing tactics of divide and conquer are currently at play by the ones who have fraudulently asserted their jurisdictions upon us. Now we are awakening to the games that they have been playing for centuries.

We will no longer fall prey to their tactics blindly.

The first step we need to take is to stand hand in hand by letting go of past animosities, misunderstandings and conflicts. Upon this journey, on the individual level each one of us will have reclaim autonomy, responsibility, integrity and dignity of self (mana) to break social conditionings and open up to the truth. There will need to be a process of reeducation of the basics on many levels for many of us.



On the 27th of October 2021 we will gather at Te Tii o Waitangi for the powhiri at noon. Once the powhiri is completed, documents and evidence will be delivered to the current Taumata (elders council) in regards to fraud, health and safety of the populace and preservation of the environment and its inhabitants. Corrections will be made accordingly, to the facts being presented. If the Taumata refuse to acknowledge and act upon what is being presented they will then be stood down by the people. From there, we, as a collective of all people through out this land, will need to take the steps necessary by coming together to ensure a communal system that is beneficial for everyone.

Wananga or re education on many things will also be held and transparent for all to attend and see the process or creating a better future. All pieces of the puzzle need to be put on the table so then the whole picture can be understood and formed in a beneficial manner.

The Hikoi:

(This is the plan to get people through the Auckland check points safely as a collective):

26th October 2021:

Gather at Rugby Clubs on Beaumont Road, Ngongotaha, Rotorua 3010, New Zealand by 6pm.

Arrive at Mercer check point by Midnight for powhiri through to Auckland region.

27th October 2021:

Arrive at Te Hana check point at 6am for powhiri into Whangarei.

Te Tii o Waitangi powhiri at midday.

All documents to ensure the safe passage of all will be at hand. Through the security of He Wakaputanga and the use of common law, this will be the form of security to move through the land based on tikanga (cultural traditions).

All who are wanting to move through safely to the north need to join in on this hikoi with protection in numbers. The time have been chosen to ensure the least amount of disruption for the day lives of Aucklanders. However, we would like as many Aucklanders to join in on the hikoi as well.

The gates are opening for all.

  • Due to the amount of us who are coming home, we need to be self sufficient with our lodgings, and others.

  • We are camping on in the back yard of our home at Te Tii o Waitangi.

  • A communal kitchen is being set up and meals will be available as we are wanting to ensure we are looking after each other as well.

  • In regards to this, any help or contribution for all our whanau/ family, for everyone who us coming home is very greatly appreciated. Bathroom facilities will be opened up for all.

During this time at Te Tii o Waitangi, homegrown/grass roots business owners are welcome to set up stalls for trade, selling of goods and networking. This is a great opportunity to set up trade lines through out New Zealand to create the network that free from the governance at hand.

For further information please join the Facebook and Telegram groups or join our NZSCU forum for updates.