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Student Packs Work in progress

I’m in the process of putting together student packs to be distributed to every 18 and under New Zealander.

The cards can have a printed number system where parents and students can record their details against the number and it can be held on as national record.

Send feedback or details if you are marketing, advertising, printing, admin, could be assigned to help man an 0800 number for student support and advocacy, advice etc.

Time to empower our nations children.

If you have ideas, info, material you believe could be beneficial please put forward your ideas.

Any financial contributions can be made to NZ School Communities Unite


I would also like to have a financial admin person to come on board to counter approve use of donations and to do accountability reports and show allocation of funds donated. Happy to have a committee come together to govern the group and advise on a status for the group.

The group has an NZBN but under my name currently. 9429049509298

SAMPLE of files to date


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