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Submit School Correspondence, requests, coercion, bribery, student segregation, bullying tactics

I'm in the process collecting information and correspondence you are receiving from schools, principals, BoT that involve vax status, coercion, bribery, announcement of on site or partner pharmacy or the "close to school" pop up jab tents.


Im wanting to start collecting your details and the supporting documentation in order to store for future lawsuits, liability claims, legal action, adverse reactions, deaths as a result of in school jabbing or partnerships between schools (allowing students to leave their care to attend a pharmacy, clinic or pop up).

I have set up a dedicated secure email address:

Please use this to forward any correspondence, and I will be utilising administrators and data collectors to start collating and getting in touch with you if we require further information.

Please note that ALL names will be withheld in any correspondence, your contact details will be used for the purpose of contacting you.

We will always ask for consent to include any names or contact details, if they are required.

Useful links for complaints process, engaging with the Board of Trustees

You can do you best to be heard and engaged. As a Board of Trustee myself, I'd like to express my utter disappointment in other School Boards even wanting to hear or understand or listen to my views, the risks to the schools, financial, legal, emotionally, ethically. I will advocate for upholding those that need to be accountable for their actions and lack of supporting the parents vioice, blindly following the Government issued narrative, the forceful nature of complying to signing of all the updated legislation, acts, regulations, and allowing the Ministry of Health to hold directive over them and coming on site to administer a PROVISIONALLY approved medicine with no sufficient long term safety data, and adverse reactions, deaths mounting amongst our teens.