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Support Sue Grey

With all our love and support and gratitude Sue Grey. Go get em, we will be following the high court case on 21-22 October.

From all of us at NZ School Communities Unite - We support you.

If you are looking for a way to offer support, there is a legal fund set up. ALL donations go directly for the use of legal purpose.



PS. happening TOMORROW, Thursday 21st, prelim in front of Court 8:30 am.

Unlike the last Vax Challenge when we had two overflowing courtrooms of spectators, this time the High Court is only allowing the parties an expert witness and their lawyers. You can ask for a video link:


(From Sue Grey: )

We've got a big week ahead including the High Court No Jab No Job Challenge on Thursday and Friday. We've also got around $7000 costs for court filing fees, the electronic and hard copy documents casebooks and travel to court so if anyone is able to contribute it would be hugely appreciated.


Hi OUTDOORS champions can you help this particular campaign?

As my Gran used to say "a little bit often (or by many) makes a lot!"

(- gone a long time, still the wisest person I've ever known!)

- KJG.

The outcome beyond the few being represented will mean a lot to thousands of worried and stressed-out NZers. TBH $7k does not seem a lot to call for just protection of people's rights, livelihood, and when it comes down to it, their very survival (even down to "no job" being not able to buy food!).


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