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Teacher Mandates

How do we stand and support our educational sectors and ensure a education can effectively keep running without the over reach from our government instructing the administering of a Provisionally approved medicine with no long term safety day and one that does not prevent transmission or from contracting it.

Our BOT need to group and gather a United stance to protect our schools financial, legal and liability risks in regards to employment disputes, parent legal action, forced compliance under our code of conduct to bring school governance policies inline with ALL changes in law, legislation, regulations , acts etc.

Ethically, morally and out of democratic principle I do not agree to to signing any updated school governance policies that instruct vaccine status disclosure, the use of the health and safety in workplace act for employers and PCBU’s to enforce mandates that leave liabilities with them.

We have now seen the outcome from this directive in Australia with Employers being liable for an employees long term health and fall out from any instructed or endorsed mandate that they have not United against.

Your government is lining up scape goats to carry the fallout of health and employment dispute.

This quote here clearly states the force and over riding over a BoT under a Health Order.

“Iona Bulletin”
26 July 2021Kia ora koutou As you will be aware the Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern announced on Friday, New Zealand suspended quarantine-free travel arrangements with Australia from 11.59pm 23 July for the next 8 weeks. Today’s Special Bulletin provides answers to questions that you may have if you have staff who are in Australia and who are affected by suspension of quarantine-free travel. I am aware that most secondary schools in Auckland, and maybe further afield, have received a lengthy email from “GPAC Legal”. As you know the Government has not yet decided to extend vaccination to children aged 12 to 15 years inclusive. In the event that the Government does decide that and asks schools for support by being vaccination sites, it is a matter for the School Board to decide to provide that facility or not (assuming there is no Health Order in place which would require schools to be used). The School Board would have met its health and safety requirements in acting on advice from the Director-General of Health regarding the safety of the vaccination. If a board does have any wider concerns about public liability these can be raised with their liability insurer and NZSTA. Ngā mihi Iona

If a school has not stood up against this mandate and allows the MoH directive to use our site… will your school staff snd team ensure the safety and well-being of your child and uphold you right to make fully informed medical decisions for your child, no matter your choice, in the safety and care under consultation with your family doctor?


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