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The journey continues

A new line was crossed last night when Birkenhead Intermediate Principal agreed to offer her students up as part of a marketing campaign aimed at 5-11 year olds. To be filmed answering a series of questions.

The agreement to offer her students up following a campaign based on the use of coercion, segregation, prizes, cash with the delivery of “one source of truth” propaganda is a slap in the face for the current Education system in Nes Zealand.

8 months of trying to engage with Hipkins, Iona, NZSTA and both MoH and MoE to assess the moral, ethical and potential legal action, liabilities and employment disputes fell on deaf ears and the standard response of “anti vaxxer, conspiracy theorist Aimee from NZ School Communities Unite puts the health of others at risk by peddling misinformation” has now lead to the point we are at now.

FACT: I’m not an anti vaxxer and my conviction was never about discrediting another’s choice

FACT: All of my correspondence and engagement has being about the overall protection of our school community in regards to the Board of Trustees by law as crown entities being placed in a position by our government and it’s use of the emergency response act to direct BoT to only issue “one source of truth” material, only delivering their version of “informed consent”, and discrediting the risk assessment as a BoT I presented regarding employment disputes from teacher mandates (a laughed at theory I presented to NZSTA, Iona, Hipkins and the NZ Board of trustees Facebook group)

FACT: The theory I presented around the use of Gallik competency by our government has now become a fact, the lack of education g and guidence to students on its use and what informed consent meant was a missed opportunity and instead a grooming tactic was used in the form of incentives, bribes, prizes, peer pressure, and instructions on how to go behind parents backs who were “anti vax and over bearing” was used, even though the proposal to keep a vaccination programme using a provisional medicine and contributing propaganda out of the schools with a stance from all schools to advise family choice and family doctor consultation to avoid potential liabilities and legal action falling on schools if and when adverse reactions occurred either on site or during the 2 year surveillance period that you consent to when you roll your sleeve up. See the RMP sheet from Medsafe that has never being part of any of the government marketing propaganda

FACT: The list of 12-18 year olds with serious adverse reactions, lifelong injuries and inability to receive an exemption based in these reactions is growing daily. Tuakau College so as of yesterday has had 5 students suffering adverse reactions (one includes Bell’s palsy)

FACT: Regardless of your self feed view that I am anti vaxxer, I have never imposed on your views or rights to medical freedom and would never discriminate… your view and actions follow g falls at your feet.

I stand by my conviction and belief and unite with others who’s journey has bought them together as a collective to uphold our rights and freedoms for all humanity. ❤️🙏🕊


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