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THE "one source of truth" in NZ Schools

I use to write allot, through connections, through moments in life, through the flow and the ebbs. My time spent in Colville was the catalyst to committees, to village living the positives and the negatives that come from that.

I found myself as a Health Trust Manager, as a Board of Trustees... on the smaller committees and involved n groups. It started this journey into understanding legislation and crown entities and what binds us...or moreso.. how we are bound by a government that can remove our liberties, rights and freedoms while serving in these positions... and how to get those back

Throughout my 20's I was on a search... search for faith, search for truth, search of myself and what my truth and conviction are. My truth and conviction is empowerment... empowerment and education, guidance, direction. I serve best in community and in unity, to enable belief in oneself, in truth and conviction and what can be achieved through a collective conscious, with the ego removed, the goal and momentum entrenched with conviction that lower vibrational energy of attack and criticism does not penetrate...a blind faith requiring no explanation or defense in ones course of action.

Role on 2020 when the world stood still.. we united for an unknown attack... united by a leader, who at the time, stood in a convicted stance of protecting the team of 5 million... who has since sold us out...sold us MSM feed "mis-information" discounted our talented doctors (1), leaders, used segregation and the fear of missing out and spouted out white privilege narratives in order to lead the charge on nothing more than a type of ethnic cleansing sold as "Phizer for Whanau"(2)... there has been no signs of acting in good faith, even when found at fault and guilty, in which a change in legislation took place within 24 hours. (3)

It was a quiet time of reflection upon's a time that afforded me the means to look into my Great Grandfathers documents that were embargoed... to reignite my roots... to connect all the moments i my life that have lead me to this point...where I stand with hand on the heart CONVICTION of what my truth is and what my fight is about. (4)

A nation acting like schoolyard bully's, name calling, accusing, inciting, segregating, checking. I fight for the rights of every New Zealand... I've being labelled many things over this past year, I've struggled to find my voice... but the fire and passion has risen... and it has found its cause and direction, apologies to those along the way that felt attacked while I found the direction my fiery responses and passion needed to channel into. My stance has always being through love and compassion for your wellbeing and learning to understand your stance and choice and accept your idea of informed consent and struggle through the fear based narrative.

As a BoT current and in the past, I've enjoyed learning about governance, servitude and the laws, legislations that bind me as a crown entity. In servitude to the collective of parents I represent and to uphold and support and actively ensure their voice and their wishes, through consultation, are reflected in school governance policy and enforced.

I have been advised to seek legal advice by MoE in understanding the Code of Conduct and my role as a Crown Entity after asking the below...

"As a BoT can you tell me what liabilities or potential legal action can be taken against me if I sign of school governance policies which im forced to update to include all law, updated legislation including the health and safety policies that instructs the BoT, principal or delegate to assess any non jabbed or non disclosed teachers as a Risk? And how can I have an actual meeting with Chris Hipkins. (I've written to him twice, and also written to NZSTA ) I still do not have definitive answers on my liabilities or the potential legal risk a school may face by following "the one source of truth" you insist on referring me to by the MoH.

Informed consent workshops (5) are commencing in schools, from the "one source of truth" The Ministry of Health and their one sided information that does NOT include the 58 cited areas of concern by Medsafe, nor does it include the RMP (6) that Medsafe are working on while gathering the data required to assess the PROVISIONAL approval they have granted. In November the 9 months of PROVISIONAL use ends and Medsafe can either: (7)

  • Grant further PROVISIONAL approval, if the data supplied from ongoing clinical trials and the data collected from those of you who have agreed to be administered with a PROVISIONALLY approved medicine have provided over the past 9 months. If that data still does not complete the current RMP they could extend PROVISIONAL approval and issue a new RMP with pharmacovigilance monitoring. [scenario 1]

  • Fully approve it for use because it meets all safety and efficacy clauses with full clinical trial information and safety data (however, long term safety data will continue to be collected as the long term safety is unknown). [scenario 2]

  • Non approval may also be issued based on data collected thus far that may indicate the risks outweigh the benefits and the data and clinical trials (in place till 2023) do not point to safety and efficacy. [scenario 3]

I will communicate my opinions on these scenarios in another blog post at a later date, and how they potentially could affect liabilities and legal action against Board of Trustees.


My journey takes me to Whanganui for the next few days, to connect with teachers, lawyers, and other groups all fighting for our rights, freedoms and livelihoods. I will update in another post my engagement and discussions with Mr Chris Hipkins, the Ministry of Health, The ministry of Education and NZSTA, along with the advice teachers are receiving from the Teachers Union

Here are a few sources of reading, as a BoT, a concerned parent and NZ Citizen I am looking for clarification on certain points around BoT and crown entities and being defined as a PCBU.



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