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🖕 the system with a peaceful, loving, unified and convicted truth.

After the latest announcement and the bulletin from Iona (secretary of education) I made the decision to step down as a BoT and support in other ways that align with my truth and conviction.

I’ve learnt the system, understand the system to try to fight the system… but the system is nothing more than words on paper removing my ability to democratically, ethically and morally change it. I’m not done with our education system and the intent I see unfolding, and I’m not giving up on saving our beautiful babies… I’m just choosing to step into a new light, and new way to heal my soul, nurture my tired heart and approach it from outside the system. ❤️🙏🕊

I have had the full support of the school BoT I’ve being on, and being open with my journey to obtain information, put forward my concerns and attempt to unite our school communities to stand together regardless of views on jabbing, testing, masks etc.

A divided school community loses out completely, our teachers forced to end their careers and chose their own health and well-being and informed based decisions, parents removing students due to “one source of truth” propaganda and gagging our health care professionals and as well showing no consideration for our wonderful working healthcare and teaching professionals.

I appreciate their support and willingness to hear my views and make some decisions. ❤️. With our BoT over ridden by any health order, a BoT without unity in the school community opens the doors for the continued over reach and “one source of truth” to continue to destroy our God given right to bare our feet on the soil we stand, our children’s future health and well-being and continue to normalise these control tactics so the compliers keep extending their boundaries to what they consider acceptable for themselves and our nation as a whole. ❤️

Without that unity to support freedom to choose and instead being subjected to incited and targeted propaganda to create division, bullying, hate, and discrediting critical thinking based on independent choices, we will now also see those complying potentially losing jobs when funding cuts are made due to removed students, busy BoT and Principals engaged in recruitment and eventually employment disputes, legal action and liability claims. It’s time for parents to warping support around principals and BoT, parents have being unity, learning, connecting and addressing and serving BoT for the past 6 months. A movement towards connecting, uniting, empowering… now it’s time to guide your BoT through the process so they can send that liability back up the chain to MoE.

Kia Kaha to our fond memories of our destroyed education system


Hi, due to ethical and moral conflicts within myself, and the continued unfolding of the many things I’ve discussed or raised throughout the year in order to ensure the legal protection of a school, the mandates placed on our teachers, the mandates placed on students and the discrimination now on non jabbed parents under the Covid emergency response act based on the “one source of truth” and the ability as a BoT member to democratically represent parents, students, fellow BoT members, teachers, principals and staff, I have to advise that I will be stepping down. As a BoT I can not ethically or morally watch laws, legislations, acts, regulations issued under the guise of health, when our very own medically trained professionals can not even consult or issue exemptions to their patients, our nurses having to leave their jobs after caring for and protecting us and themselves with good ol commonsense and standard safety practices.

I will not support or sign any changes required by law (without choice) to bring our school governance policies inline with the undemocratic, multimillion dollar government marketed propaganda and coercion tactics of trading kfc, pies, cash in order to obtain self consent from children to receive a medicine STILL under provisional consent, that poses more risks of death, illness, and has no long term studies, let alone still does not disclose 2 patented ingredients.

I feel the whole education system from the MoE, NZSTA, NZEI and Iona have failed to protect, support, discuss and investigate ALL available data due to allowing our government to be the “single source of truth” gagging our medical professionals, dismissing my enquirers and questions (all of which have now come into play).

The constant state of Stockholm syndrome used by 3 people in power (I see issuing exemptions have being granted to Bloomfield, along with the extra powers issued under the emergency response act to be the sole decider of adding fluoride to ALL of NZs water. Centralised health, education and water)

I wish you guys all the best navigating the 5-11 year olds roll out, and encourage you to look at what other areas exist which could “take advantage” of coerced, bribed and paid for self consenting children, and how this could potentially lead to their consent for other things. Not one ounce of self consenting children has being delivered in an educational and constructive way. They have not being taught to investigate (because anything but the “one source of truth” is misinformation spread by “anti vax conspiracy theorists) its being obtained through coercion, bribes, prizes and never once being about evaluating the risk vs the reward, the mounting (coincidental deaths) occurring throughout NZ and overseas of otherwise fit healthy teens suffering “non related to recent jab” cardiac arrests, myocarditis, and neurological disorders.

To instruct children to wear masks from year 4 and up… I see that was just dropped in there during the announcement today (I’ve yet to confirm if it was just another slip of tongue or not) it only takes ones mind 21 days to rationalise and accept this as normal, hence why the ineffective use of masks causing bacterial infections is accepted as normal ( but this is just my informed opinion after discussing with various doctors, naturopaths and science based professionals who are all gagged… and why it will be labelled as misinformation because it does not comply with “the only source of truth”

Thank you for the opportunity to actively participate on the BoT, governance and upholding the rights of students, parents, teachers, principals and protection of the school has always being at the heart of my commitment to ensuring a safe and healthy school environment, and I will continue on this path of safe, effective, guided learning environments moving forward, supporting with empathy those who one by one start to realise that they have systematically lost the ability to critically think and view the whole picture outside of the fear induced flu and experimental medicine, unfortunately, I see a lot of pain and anguish occurring when our perfectly healthy young children with a whole life ahead of them start suffering from segregation, disconnect, hidden smiles, singing in class and a multitude of lung infections, bacterial infections, death or long term outcomes.

I’m not sure the words “I’m sorry I didn’t know” will heal a child’s broken spirit and loss of faith in humanity to protect them emerges, I’m sure the pharmaceutical companies have a long term plan of medications and therapy to numb that.

Our village that is unfolding in Mercer as a result of being unable to hikoi to Waitangi through borders has become a thriving Pa, with nurses, teachers, children, healers, Gardner’s and a kaupapa based on unity, love, peace, new ways, learning, community living and freedom. Installing a sense of self back into our children, encouraging questioning, research, discussions amoung the kids, teaching village living and contribution by walking alongside their peers, parents, community in our gardens that are built using permaculture principals, heritage seeds, assisting in the communal kitchen, assisting with the calf’s and pigs we have and following our rongoa journey in our emerging Rongoa, mirimiri area. We achieved an engagement with Mercer border controls that set a beautiful respect for each other, and left border staff with not one dry eye.

The grounds are open to anyone seeking healing, understanding, observation, participation, learning, might be a great place for schools to visit once your policies are all in line with the health and safety in workplace and you are told what and where you can and cant go etc.

I wish the team all best, and always happy to be co opted on for various tasks if you require any guidance or alternative view on any issues.

I would highly recommend you get copies of all your insurance and liability policies and establish a legal document in order to place liability onto the Ministry of Health, the health minister, the education minister and Jacinda ready for any health order served on the school. It should cover and address

-a teacher testing positive (given the jab provides no actual protection from catching and spreading the virus) and potential for a school lockdown to occur (practise drills have already being in place so parents and children can normalise it and accept it)

- a health order allowing the forced testing of every child using nasal swabbing…. (I’m sure Hipkins will have all the legal paperwork to protect from any backlash from the blood noses, trauma, and potential harm to brain barrier (again only my informed research and discussions with our gagged medical professionals, and fist hand experience advocating for a mum refusing to hold her 5 year old down for his 8th pre surgery forced nasel swab because apparently a saliva test is not adequate and she refused a rectal test on him (again this is my first hand experience and not the “one source of truth”)

- legalities around the removal of children to an isolation facility (remember they will become accepting and compliment of procedures been done to them, and will be adapted to being dropped of to buildings where their mums and dads have to leave them at the gate and where they happily comply to all the directives issued (again just my opinion and perspective based on the evaluation of powers granted, the “one source of truth” narrative, the changes made in the physical restraints policy of the education and training act.

Personal liability insurances should also be discussed and legal advice so