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This feels like my soul purpose

I want to declare NZ open for business on labour day… spend labour day tearing down all the COVID propaganda in shops etc, remove from your company policies any forced compliance regarding masks, testing and jabbing, Turn up open your doors for business get staff to return and welcome customers in.

Also I want to approach this with love, conviction, compassion for all. Music, raises our vibration, music unites. Was thinking daily border korero daily from 10-12 possibly? Respectfully, we want our cops to see us as people, parents, sons, daughters, regardless of what has being occurring. We want them to support business opening, maybe they themselves will pull the borders down.

I’d love to have our boarding tribes turn up in the mornings to give the welcoming call to the others on the other side. Response from the Auckland side, karakia, 🙏 followed by collective singing of songs, border jams?

If we all carry a 2m scarf, it means we can space ourselves out, respectfully uniting and waiting in our convicted stance, giving space for police or army at the borders to join, support in their time

Peace, love, conviction, heart. Troubled, fearful, inciters can be encircled by those around giving space linked by our scarfs…. “We are love” can be repeated until the fear based person joins in with ❤️ surrounded by our raising energies.

I share the exact same birthday as J a c i n d a… I don’t wish to pass judgement on her (I’ve had enough of the hate , anger, fear that I’ve had in my heart and I have felt towards her) , I stand in my conviction and love for humanity and for Mother Nature and Source, I’d hold space open for her to come and take accountability, and then stand. It’s time to take over the narrative, time to show what convicted love can do, we all face our own judgements… ❤️

I’m putting this out to all. Need people that can play music, need to find a meeting space so those showing up in the mornings can calmly walk towards border from either side… to stand for 10am welcoming call from across the border followed by the extended national anthem?


This is my sense of purpose, I’ve been thinking about…regardless of how this plays out, I would stand as one, until I become many. Unity ❤️


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