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Tribe up, vibe up, heal divide. For teachers and health workers

As a BoT I’m in breach of my code of conduct because I refuse to Comply by what I’m bound under the code of conduct as a crown entity to have all school governance policies in line with current legislation, law, by laws, regulations etc etc. As a BoT I’m not signing a document that is used to assess an in jabbed teacher as a risk. It’s all in the health and safety in workplace act.

Our schools will be so bogged down with employment disputes, legal action from parents, potential medical liabilities… as a school BoT I sent my personal risk assessment to Chris Hipkins, based on employment disputes, employment rehiring, parent legal action from Gallik competency use, parents pulling children reducing funding, potential for teachers risking acting out of scope to provide emergency care in class if students suffer adverse reactions, mental health services for children witnessing adverse reactions after 18 months of reprogramming, coercion, bribery, leaving a facility not equipped to teach anymore because they are broke and in court.

As a BoT appointed by parents to act in servitude for the well-being of a school I democratically, ethically, morally can not protect those I was appointed to ensure the health and safety of because by law I have to follow “the only source of truth” then take the fall for insisting on jabbing with a provisionally approved medicine that has 2 patented undisclosed ingredients (that we know of).

No person should be directed to consent to a provisionally approved medicine in order to keep their jobs and their right to exist and survive.

I stand for freedom to choose.

Vaccine Mandates


The recent “mandates” from NZ Government for vaccination in specific industries are unlawful and will likely be overturned as soon as challenged in the High Court. They’re made under the Covid-19 Public Health Response Act which gave no authority to mandate vaccination. Your right to refuse medical treatment is protected under common law and is written into the Bill of Rights Act, Section 11 which states that “Everyone has the right to refuse to undergo any medical treatment”. By compelling a person to receive a medical treatment or lose their employment they no longer have the ability to provide informed consent and are instead providing coerced consent.

What to do

1. Coordinate with others in your workplace and industry by making communication groups on platforms like Telegram. If you aren’t aware of others use social networks to link up – there are a lot of people out there in the same boat as you but at times it is just hard to find them.

2. Encourage one another to maintain your resolve to not get it. NZ barely has enough health and education workers as it is so losing 10-20% would completely collapse the system. As this becomes the reality it will place more pressure on government to backdown on the mandate.

3. Be vocal about not getting it to colleagues– although the brainwashed people will probably dislike you, you may find there are a number of others that don’t want it but feel like they’re the only one.

4. Don’t put your resignation in – make them go through the administrative process of removing you. In most cases adding a vaccination requirement is a change to your employment agreement so would effectively make you redundant and they would need to pay you out for this.

5. Coordinate with others to file a lawsuit against the Health Order. By collaborating as a group you will be better able to pool resources and cover the legal cost.

6. Communicate the fact that the mandate is both unlawful and immoral to your manager and maintain that you will not be getting it. A suggested response is provided below:

I’m writing in regards to the recent health order made by Minister Chris Hipkins for vaccination for all workers within the Health/ Education industry. This order is unlawful as the Covid-19 Public Health Response Act 2020 provides no authority to compel medical treatment including vaccination upon a person. It is in breach of the fundamental human right to refuse medical treatment that is written into Section 11 of the Bill of Rights Act 1990. Due to this the order is likely to be ruled unlawful and overturned upon it being challenged in the High Court with the lawsuits against the order expected to beheard over the following months.

In the interim I will maintain my decision to not receive the provisionally approved Comirnaty Vaccine. In addition, there was no requirement to receive this vaccine in my employment agreement. If you as my employer wish to change the conditions of my employment then this needs to be done in collaboration with me, and at this time I do not consent to my role being changed to include this.

I have worked in this profession loyally for the past X years and maintain my dedication to my job, while not submitting my right to refuse medical treatment.

Other Actions

1. If you work within the Health sector you can make a complaint to the Health and Disability Commissioner in that your workplace is a Health Care Provider and as such is subject to the Health and Disability Commissioner (Code of Health and Disability Services Consumers' Rights) Regulations 1996. In implementing this mandate they are in breach of their requirement to maintain the right that you have in receiving medical treatment:

a. Right to freedom from discrimination, coercion, harassment, and exploitation

2. You can make a complaint to the Human Rights Commission in that your fundamental Human Right to refuse medical treatment is being breached.


Don’t be tempted to submit. There are millions of people through the western world in the same situation as you are right now, considering loss of income, effect on mortgages, family etc. There is a huge network of people that are fighting alongside you and are there to support you.


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