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Warm welcome to YOUR community

New Zealand School Communities Unite

Thank you so much for all the support and encouragement you have all given, the strength you show, the fight you have, the drive, the seeking of support and unity and friendship, keeps the flow in place, keeps the collective consciousness alive and our soul cups filled when we feel depleted.

The objective has become about creating safe place in which to be able to chat, have discussions, load our resources, offer support and collaboratively find solutions to road blocks.

My objective is the overall protection of our education system, those that are employed in it, those that are in servitude (Board of Trustees), the parents and their rights. What started out as a space to reflect on my journey into understanding school governance roles, and the code of conduct and laws, legislation that bind us, has fast become a support network for parents, teachers, students, BoT, principals looking for advice and guidance around addressing each other and how to effectively work and understand each other and the roles.

Please enjoy this space, please keep it respectful, please understand my views do get portrayed by certain groups as extreme anti vax, with my character challenged and attacked. I will maintain in my stance of conviction to uphold the rights of all New Zealanders to medical care, to an education, to a voice regardless of personal alignment, personal choices, race, creed, gender, political alignment.


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