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"Whatever the "one source of truth" recommends we will do!!!" NZ Schools.

It's been a while since I utilised my website, an avenue set up with the constant threat of the facebook "fact checker" brigade.

In the past year I have continued to work through the systems use of legislation, law, regulations along with reading the Ministry of Education Bulletins put out by Secretary of Education Iona Holstead.

In the past 6 months I have noticed the availability of click and print templates for schools to use regarding, masking, vaccination, relationship and sexuality Resources and adoption into the curriculum, emergency response procedures, lockdowns, evacuations, reverse evacuations, pandemic planning, covid response from a Principals perspective.

Our NZ School Communities Unite facebook tribe was 18k strong and growing. It was a resource to aid in effective communication and consultation between NZ School Boards of Trustees, the parents who elected them to provide governance to the school, and the teachers and principals looking for understanding and support following the government issued, board of trustee backed and signed of Mandating of teachers. I have established NZSCU - Connect, NZSCU - Parents in Action, NZSCU - Kids Korero, however I'm consistently banned from facebook and so am unable to admin or answer or advise, and to be honest, I'm over the cancel culture and accusations of misinformation when NO AUTHORITY has ever responded to an actual discussion of concerns. #cancelcancelculture

It was one thing for the Government to issue a directive to schools, it was another to see fellow teachers, principals and parents treat those making medical decisions based on their rights, choice and existing conflicting conditions as criminals requiring trespass notices.

The beautiful, passionate and caring teachers were exited from our school institutes, and this cleared the path to ensure further compliance, from teachers, students, parents and Boards ill equipped to understand a political system operating under Emergency Response Act. Boards who discredited parents attempts at exposing the government over reach, that served cease and desist, that pleaded with Principals and Boards to hear their concerns, to unite, to resolve and to ensure the legal and liability status of the school, the principal and the Board as a crown entity and in their individual capacity to be accountable.

It was made very clear in the early days that NZSTA, Ministry of Education, Hipkins, Iona, were going to follow the instructions of a tyrannical government set to remove any ability for any New Zealand to remain discriminated against for making medical decisions for their families based on knowledge that a Government failed to even consider to provide.

I have recently complete a Hikoi around the Motu, and am now in a position of being facebook blocked, thrown under the bus by other freedom fighters, critised and trolled for my opinion based on my understanding... yet NOT ONE request from any teacher, Principal or School Board to invite me to ANY debate table, or solution based discussion to clarify.

Here's a few of those conversations that have led to the accusations of fear mongering, dis information and no answers.

Stepping forward, I will continue to share my opinion, my view, my thoughts on what I believe is possible and potential threats to our Principals, Boards and Teachers in order to ensure I can hopefully empower parents to protect their children while having their parental rights recognised.

I will also keep pushing for Principals to realise that Duty of Care is a delegation of responsibility into their managerial Policies and Procedures from the Board of Trustee led School Governance Policies and Procedures.

I will also keep referencing the use of emergency response acts, the powers granted, the undemocratic process, the ability to deploy force, the ability to hand the led over to Ministry of Health, District Health Boards, Medical Health Officers and ability to declare an infectious disease outbreak of a notifiable disease as a civil defense emergency.

Lets look at how this scenario could play out and lets break down PCBU, Duty of Care, Ministry of Health Health Directives, Health Orders, WHO and their declaration of the next world pandemic.

Lets also look at our Boards who are nearing their end of serving their 3 year term, how much access they had to NZSTA Governance Training Workshops, their knowledge acquired on operating in line with their Code of Conduct, their legal responsibility and if they felt supported and guided in understanding the legal and liable battle they have placed themselves in.

Lets also discuss the new Boards about to be voted in to take the reins in September, a fresh group with various knowledge on Governance policy for school, protecting the legal and liable standing of the school, the staff, themselves and the Principals when faced with situations that Threated our Principals to uphold Duty of Care as promised to parents.

Lets look at Principals who have stated to parents they will ensure the safety of these children, that they would not allow Medical Health Officers on site to perform medical procedures to ascertain infectious status, that they will not lock parents out to accessing their kids.

For starters Principals and Boards are assuming they will have some kind of jurisdiction on school grounds, that there is no way that the Ministry of Health will request the locking down of a school (reverse evacuation) in order to control the potential spread of a notifiable disease, that there is no provision to detain a student on school grounds, that there is no way a civil defense response will be issued.

Over this week I am going to touch on the above concerns, while continuing to engage with Principals who wish to understand their potential legal and liable position they could face. To continue to request discussions with NZSTA, MoE, Iona and Hipkins (now with 3 portfolios of potential conflicts)

I've tried to put a PDF together to explain my thought process's a work in progress as is my innerstanding of effectively communicating the inner working of my thoughts. Feedback is welcome, pointers are always considered and constructive criticism always taken on board....even better if you can come to the table to discuss it.