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Student / Parent Documents

Please print and register your card by scanning the QR Code

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STEP 1 / Informed consent quizz

The quizz is designed to complete with your child (student).  This is part of the understanding what your STUDENT MEDICAL DECLARATION CARD represents.  At the end of this quizz your details will be recorded on a secure database.  This is to ensure we have you connected with future legal avenues if required.

Step 2 / Auto email to principal / head of educational facility

The Notice of Non Consent to emergency Covid-19 Procedures & Protocols - NZ Schools.  You can also mark your school on the Map for a full recorded process of your action and intent to inform.  This email requires the principal to print out and arrange a time in which you and your child can sign, with principal acknowledgement of receipt. This can be added to your childs / students school file and medical record.

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Step 3 / Print Fold and use the card or request printed card

Simply print the printable version out and add in your details and card number given to you.

We are working on preprinted student ID cards and will update this when available.  Cards will incur a cost but funding options are being looked at or a buy one pay one forward concept.

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